Imagine if you:

💜 Had the confidence to make decisions that come from a place of deep, inner wisdom and trust your intuition above any external factors?

💜 Knew what was the right choice to make in any situation—even when it’s not the obvious or logical one?

💜 Were comfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone in order to pursue your true goals and desires?

💜 Had clarity in knowing what was important to you and could redirect your daily decisions and activities in alignment with your true calling?

💜 Could alleviate fears about making the ‘wrong’ decision, so life was no longer full of worry and contemplation but full of taking confident action and living life to the fullest?

When you deeply trust your intuition and voice of your Soul, life gets much more exciting. The Universe will constantly surprise you (in a good way!) with signs and opportunities grander than you thought possible.

As you reach a state of deep connection with yourself, gain understanding, and cultivate self-trust, you’ll notice a shift in the way you experience life. No longer on autopilot, trapped in a cycle of fear and confusion, you’ll feel empowered to make decisions that align with your best interests.

I’ve created The Intuitive Path: 30 Days of Reflection and Trust because acting on those intuitive nudges doesn’t happen overnight. Like anything you want to master, you’ve got to practice. The more you practice, the more your soul’s guidance is seen and heard and the more you begin to trust it.

With daily journal exercises and trust-building questions, you’ll gain the clarity and insight necessary to act on those intuitive nudges. These practices will help you stay accountable and focused, allowing you to tap into the wisdom that lies within.

“I purchased Lisa’s Intuitive Path planner 2 weeks ago and the process of using it daily has been healing and transformative for me.

Having somewhere to be accountable for following my intuitive path has helped me immensely, and I can now see in real time as things unfold and heal – I can not only feel my path but also see my path and it’s amazing.

I am definitely taking more notice of my intuitive nudges and then actioning them. This is the essential part that brought it all together for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. The Reflective journaling questions are excellent too. Thank you Lisa!” – Sally B.

The Intuitive Path: 30 Days of Reflection and Trust includes the following:

*An introduction to intuition and its active application in your life
* Daily worksheets for each of the 30 days, enabling you to focus on your intentions and the corresponding responses you receive
* Weekly review sheets for reflection and deeper exploration
* Thought-provoking weekly questions to foster introspection
* An undated worksheet for continued use beyond the 30-day program

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